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A defamation complaint has been filed in Bathinda (Punjab) against Kangana Ranot, who was already involved in several legal complications. This complaint has been lodged by 73-year-old woman Mohinder Kaur. Kangana had described him as the unbeliever of Shaheen Bagh during the peasant movement. On Friday, Mohinder Kaur’s lawyer Raghbir Singh said that a complaint has been filed against Kangana under sections 499 (defamation) and 500 (punishment for defamation) of the IPC. The court will hear this on January 11.

In the complaint, Mohinder Kaur said that the actress made false allegations by comparing me to another woman in the tweet. He said that I am the same grandmother who participated in the protests of Shaheen Bagh. By using such comments, the actress has damaged the credibility and reputation.

Dadi claims that Kangna’s tweet caused her to suffer mental stress, pain, harassment in the eyes of family members, relatives, neighbors, villagers and the general public. Despite this, Kangana did not even bother to apologize unconditionally.

In the midst of the peasant movement, Kangana, while sharing a post related to Mohinder Kaur, wrote, “Hahaha, this is the same grandmother who was described as the most powerful Indian on the cover of Time magazine. It is available for Rs 100. Pakistani journalists have embarrassingly hijacked international PR for India. We need our own people to speak at the international level. ‘


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