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Mumbai: Due to cyclonic storm Yas, the weather has taken such a turn that water from Bengal to Bihar-UP has become waterlogged. After wreaking havoc in Bengal and Odisha, Yas is now showing its terrible form in Bihar, eastern Uttar Pradesh. Most areas from Bihar, Jharkhand to West Bengal and UP have been receiving continuous rains. Heavy rains along with strong winds have completely disrupted public life.

Several districts of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Eastern UP have also been receiving heavy rains with strong winds in the last 24 hours. Yas, which has wreaked havoc in Odisha and Bengal, may have weakened after coming to Jharkhand-Bihar, but its effect can be seen on the weather. Light to moderate rains will occur over the next 48 hours in eastern Uttar Pradesh adjoining Bihar. Heavy rains are forecast at one or two places.


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