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New Delhi (ANI): Cyclonic storm ‘Takte’ from the Arabian Sea has knocked in Gujarat. In the last two days, this storm has caused a lot of havoc in Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. After this, it hit the coast of Gujarat late last night, during this time winds ranged from 185 km to 190 km per hour. Winds have been blowing here since this morning. In view of the meteorological department’s warning, complete preparations have been made to deal with the storm in the state.

Six people died in Maharashtra

The situation in Maharashtra had worsened due to the storm yesterday. Life in Mambui, Thane, Raigad and Durg here due to heavy rains and strong winds, made life very unhealthy. Hundreds of houses were damaged due to the storms falling in the category of extremely severe storms, with the uprooting of trees and collapsing of electric poles in many places, communication services and power supply were hampered. At least six people have died in Maharashtra due to this storm. Apart from this, there are reports of two boats sinking. At the same time, there were seven sailors aboard both boats. Three of them were rescued while one died. Three sailors are missing. Two people have been killed in separate incidents in Navi Mumbai and Ulhasnagar. Apart from this, three people have died due to the storm in two separate incidents. There are reports of partial damage to 1,886 houses in Raigad district and six houses being completely destroyed. Apart from Raigad, Sindhudurg and Thane, two people are also reported to have been killed in Jalgaon district of North Maharashtra.


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