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New Delhi: The second wave of Corona epidemic continues to wreak havoc in the country. The rate of infection in 24 states and union territories is more than 15 percent. Among them, Goa has the highest infection rate of 48.5 percent, which means that almost every other person is being found infected. For the first time more than four thousand people have died due to corona infection in the country.

Transition rate over 24 percent in 24 states and union territories

Aarti Ahuja, Additional Secretary in the Union Ministry of Health, said that in Goa as well as 24 states and union territories including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana and Bengal, the rate of corona infection is more than 15 percent, while in nine states the infection rate is 5-15 percent. is. In three states, the rate of infection is less than five percent.

Haryana in second and third Bengal in terms of infection rate

He said that Haryana (36.1 percent) is second in terms of infection rate. Number three is Bengal where the infection rate is 33.1 percent. In Karnataka, Delhi and Rajasthan it is 29.9 percent and in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh the infection rate is 27.9 percent. In Maharashtra with the highest number of infections, the rate of infection is 23.5 percent.

More than one lakh active cases in 12 states

The Union Health Ministry said that there are more than one lakh active cases in 12 states. Whereas, there are between 50 thousand and one lakh active cases in seven states. By the way, talking about the whole country, the number of active cases has crossed 37 lakhs.

Two days later, new cases came down to four lakh

According to late night data from states and union territories, 4,007 people have died due to corona in the last 24 hours. For the first time, more than four thousand people have died in a single day. 3,89,394 new cases have been reported, not including those in Jharkhand. Less than four lakh cases have been found for the first time two days later. During this period, 3,10,702 patients have also been cured. The total number of infected persons has crossed 20 million 18 thousand 74 thousand. Out of these, more than one crore 79 lakh patients have been cured and 2,38,081 people have lost their lives.

Reduced cases in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi

There has been some decrease in new cases in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi during the last 24 hours as compared to the last few days. 54 thousand new cases have been found in Maharashtra, 27 in Uttar Pradesh and 19 thousand in Delhi. Earlier, 62 thousand new cases were found in Maharashtra, 31 thousand in Uttar Pradesh and more than 20 thousand in Delhi. The highest number of patients are still found in Maharashtra in the country. Maharashtra also has the highest number of deaths daily. On Friday, 898 people died. A record 592 people have died in Karnataka, while 372 have died in Uttar Pradesh, 341 in Delhi, 208 in Chhattisgarh and 164 more in Rajasthan.

18.26 lakh corona test on Thursday

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), 18,26,490 samples were tested across the country on Thursday to detect corona infection. In total, more than 29.86 million samples have been tested so far.

Patients started growing again in the northeastern states

New cases have started rising again in the northeastern states. 222 new cases have been found in Arunachal Pradesh and 184 in Mizoram. Among the new patients found infected in Mizoram are four policemen, who recently returned from Bengal after electoral duty. Another person has also died in the state.


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