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Reva-A round of accusations has started on Netflix on a web series called ‘A Suitable Boy’. There have been allegations that Hindu sentiments have been hurt through web series.

Not only this, the National Minister, BJP Yuva Morcha Gaurav Tiwari submitted a memorandum to SP Rewa Rakesh Singh, accusing him of insulting Maheshwar Ghat and Shiva devotees built by Rani Ahilya Bai and Holkar dynasty.

He has also demanded action in the case. Also, the picture and video of the kissing scene shown in Episode-2 is also assigned to the SP.

Gaurav Tiwari said that the OTT platform saw a web series on Netflix. The series is based on a book written by writer Vikram Seth and Netflix is ​​its creator.

The second episode of the program shows some scenes that are indecent. In this, a Hindu girl from Bengal is shown having a love affair with a Muslim boy.

The talk was not limited to the love affair, three times in a single episode, a Muslim boy (character) was shown kissing a Hindu girl (character), and all three times the scene was filmed in the Shiva temple courtyard at Maheshwar Ghat.


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