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Hyderabad- A Congress leader in Telangana has asked Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao to include Congress chief Sonia Gandhi’s life in school curriculum in the state.

As a mark of respect and gratitude, you are requested to direct the authorities to insert Smt Sonia Gandhi’s life in school syllabus,” Dr Sravan Dasoju, the Telangana Congress spokesperson, said in a note to Mr Rao.

The appeal was made yesterday when Mrs Gandhi turned 74.

Mr Dasoju said Mr Rao had said in the state assembly that there is “no Telangana without Sonia Gandhi” after the formation of the state. Back in 2014, Mr Rao, or KCR as he is popularly known, had said that no one can take away the credit for Telangana from Sonia Gandhi.

The Congress spokesperson alleged that the KCR government has done nothing in return.


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