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A situation of confrontation is being created between Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat government. A conflict situation has arisen between the two governments over the power of Sardar Sarovar Project.

The MP claims that power was not generated as per the contract from Sardar Sarovar Dam. Due to this, MP had to buy electricity from other states. In such a situation, a claim of Rs 904 crore was sought from the Gujarat government by the MP, which has been rejected by the Gujarat government.

The claim of Madhya Pradesh government has been rejected by the Gujarat government. The Gujarat government was behind the claim that electricity was not generated due to the MP’s Indira Sagar Dam stopping water.

On this logic, Gujarat has laid claim to the MP government. After this, instead of stopping the controversy, it seems to be growing more.

The Gujarat government claims that they have lost 10 million units due to the MP stopping the water. In lieu of this, the Gujarat government has asked for a claim of Rs 5 crore.

After this, the whole matter has now reached the Sardar Sarovar Reservoir Regulation Committee. Further action can be taken soon in the case. Discussions between the representatives of the two states may be held soon to discuss the matter.


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