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Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s wife has been accused of stealing poetry.

A girl has claimed that she wrote the poem in memory of her daddy and posted it on her social media account on 21 November. Sadhna Singh copied this poem. Babuji replaced and posted Daddy. Later, while sharing this, Shivraj told the poem written by Sadhana Singh

The CM wrote that his wife Sadhana has written the poem for her father, who died a few days ago.

Bhumika has also objected to the poem’s manipulation of words. She has written that she used to call her father Daddy, but some people are sharing it with words like Babuji, Bauji or Papa on social media. He has appealed that the words of the poem are highly personal and add to his feelings. Do not do injustice to poetry by distorting it.


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