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Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said on Bharat Bandh called for farmers’ laws that other political parties including the Congress are securing political loaves under the guise of farmers. All the three laws are in the interest of farmers and empower them financially. If a farmer is free to sell the crop anywhere he wishes, what is the objection.

If a trader buys a crop from a farmer’s field or a khalian, then why should anyone suffer. As far as the opposition to contract farming is concerned, if the farmer gets the assurance that his produce will be bought by the trader at a fixed amount per quintal and if the price rises, he will get it, what is wrong with it.
The farmer can give his produce in any part of the country. All the three laws have been formulated with far-reaching thinking for the betterment of farmers.

He assured the Prime Minister Narendra Modi BJP and farmers on their own behalf that procurement will continue at the minimum support price. The market will not be closed, they will be made better.


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