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Bhopal: These days, four tamarinds and 74 bungalows coming to the safest areas of Bhopal are on target of thieves. Thieves are entering the residence of ministers and former ministers to carry out theft incidents. The latest case is of theft in the bungalow of PWD Minister Gopal Bhargava in the state government. Where the thieves entered late night cut the sandalwood tree. After this incident, questions are being raised about the security system.

It has been told that taking advantage of the darkness, the thieves jumped in from the boundary of the bungalow and entered inside and started cutting sandalwood trees. During this, security personnel deployed in the security of the bungalow woke up and the thieves jumped from the boundary and escaped. After the incident, the police has started searching for the thieves. Police say that investigation has been started by registering a case of sandalwood theft against unknown person.


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