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New Delhi (Agencies): Amidst the growing havoc of Corona, the number of new cases is increasing every next day in the country. As of 12 pm on Thursday night, more than 3.86 lakh cases had been reported in the country in the last 24 hours. Every day the record of the previous day is being broken. During the last 24 hours, 3,501 people have also died, including 771 from Maharashtra and 395 from Delhi. The worrying thing is that the recovery rate of corona infection i.e. the recovery rate has been falling.

3,86,595 cases in 24 hours

The corona epidemic in the country is setting new records every day. The data of the infected, found at 12 o’clock on Thursday night, broke all the records now. Over 3.86 lakh cases were reported in the last 24 hours in the country. Not only this, 3501 people also died during this period.

According to the data available till 12 pm, 3,86,595 cases of corona infection were reported in the last 24 hours, so far the number of people who have been affected by this epidemic has increased to 1,87,54,925. At the same time, the number of people who died due to the deaths of 3,501 more people increased to 2,08,313.

Recovery rate decreased

At present there are 31,69,169 active cases in the country. During this period, 2,87,081 people were also discharged from the hospital, taking the number of people who have been cured so far to 1,53,69,362. According to data from the Union Health Ministry at eight o’clock on Thursday morning, the recovery rate of corona in the country has come down to 82.10 percent and the death rate is 1.11 percent.

17,68,190 samples examined

The number of corona cases in India crossed 20 million on 7 August. After this, 50 lakhs on 16 September. And on December 19, there was a million rupees. Whereas the figure of 1.50 crossed on this 19 April. According to ICMR, as of 28 April, 28,44,71,979 samples have been corona tested in the country. 17,68,190 samples were tested on Wednesday.

Highest deaths in Maharashtra

Of the 3,501 more people who died in the country, Maharashtra had the highest number of 771. This was followed by 395 in Delhi, 251 in Chhattisgarh, 295 in Uttar Pradesh, 270 in Karnataka, 180 in Gujarat, 97 in Haryana, 137 in Punjab, 158 in Rajasthan, 85 in Uttarakhand and 95 in Madhya Pradesh.

Most New Case States-

State-new cases-total infected (in lakhs)

Maharashtra 66,159-45.39

Uttar Pradesh 35,104-12.17

Kerala 38,607-15.33

Karnataka 35,024-14.74

Delhi 24,235-11.22

Chhattisgarh 15,804-7.13

Rajasthan 17,269-5.80

Gujarat 14,327-5.53

Tamil Nadu 17,897-11.48


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