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London, (Agency): Britain’s Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Wednesday that there is no excess of Kovid vaccines to deliver to Britain as India faces its own deadly wave of corona virus. The UK has given ventilators and oxygen concentrators to India, but Hancock said the UK is currently not in a position to offer any vaccine. We do not currently have any additional vaccine doses in the UK

Britain’s Emphasis on domestic priority

The UK said it is currently emphasizing its domestic preference for corona vaccines and does not have additional doses to provide to needy countries like India at this stage. With reference to the second wave of epidemic in India, a critical for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that this process is being constantly reviewed. The country is sending a support package of 495 oxygen concentrators, 120 ventilators etc. to meet the supply shortage in India. The first batch of 100 ventilators and 95 oxygen concentrators arrived in New Delhi in the early hours of Tuesday.

The said said that in February we had made a commitment that additional doses from the supply to the UK would be given to the Kovacs procurement pool and to the needy countries. He said that right now we are emphasizing on the domestic front and we do not have extra dose available.


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