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Bhopal: (TNA News Network) Famous Brazilian international makeup artist Adriana Diaz reached Bhopal, the capital of MP. Actually Adriana is recognized all over the world for makeup. Adriana will attend a makeup workshop organized by GBA in Bhopal and train makeup artists from the beauty industry.

Talking to reporters, Adriana said that she has come to Bhopal for the first time. And it is very happy to see the lakes and green environment here. He said that Bhopal is also clean along with green. And Adriana said that if she gets a chance, she will also come to Bhopal. Adriana praised the organizer of the event, Monika Sharma, saying that she is a very powerful woman. And she is working to further empower women. For which she is also running ‘Nari Shakti’ program.


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