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New Delhi: The government has issued an advisory on the increasing risk of fungal infections called mucaraemycosis in unregulated diabetes and long-term corona-infected people living in the ICU. The government has said that ignoring this infection can be fatal. Therefore, it is necessary to take preventive measures. The Ministry of Health and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have issued an evidence based advisory regarding its screening, diagnosis and management.

These are the reasons: –

  • Uncontrolled diabetes- Immunosuppression due to steroids
  • Stay in ICU more time

Avoid this way-

  • Apply mask on dusty area
  • When doing soil and manure work, keep the body completely covered with shoes, gloves
  • Pay full attention to cleanliness through scrub bath


Nasal jam, black or red discharge from nose

Pain in the cheek

Pain or swelling on one side of the face

Toothache, Toothache

Jaw pain

Blurred or double vision with pain

Chest pain and breathlessness

What to do?-

Control high blood sugar (hyperglycemia)

Diabetic people and people recovering from corona keep an eye on blood glucose

Take full care of time and dosage in the use of steroids

Use antibiotics and antifungal drugs carefully

what not to do?-

Do not ignore the symptoms

Do not hesitate to conduct an investigation to find out the fungal infection

Timely treatment is necessary, so do not waste time

Keep these things in mind after you know

Control diabetes

When taking steroids, reduce the dose and stop using it soon.

Stop the use of immunomodulating drugs

Take other necessary medical treatment related steps


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