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Indore: Prime Minister Narendra Modi played an “important role” in the fall of Kamal Nath-led Congress government in Madhya Pradesh in March, Kailash Vijayvargiya, the BJP’s National General Secretary, claimed – in a statement that appeared to be in jest – at a public event in Indore on Wednesday.
“Aap kisi ko batana mat, maine aaj tak kisi ko nahi bataayee, pahli baar is manch se bata raha hoon, ki Kamal Nathji ki sarkar girane mein yadi mahatvpoorna bhumika kisiki thee toh Narendra Modiji ki thee, Dharmendra Pradhanji ki nahi,” Mr Vijayvargiya said, with Mr Pradhan, a Union Minister, and the Madhya Pradesh Home Minister, Narottam Mishra present at the time.

Translated, Mr Vijayvargiya’s comment reads: “Don’t tell anyone. I haven’t told anyone this till now… am making it public for the first time from this stage. If anyone played an important role in pulling down the Kamal Nath government, it was Narendra Modi and not Dharmendra Pradhan”


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