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The demand for name change that arose from Idgah Hills of Bhopal is increasing continuously. Apart from Idgah Hills, MP Shankar Lalwani has demanded to change the name of Khajrana area of ​​Hoshangabad and Indore. Shankar Lalwani says that since the famous Lord Ganesha temple of Indore is recognized in the country and the world, hence Khajrana area should also be named Ganesh Nagar or Ganesh Colony in view of the demand of the people.

MP Shankar Lalwani said that there are many areas in Indore city which are known by some other name instead of their original identity, similarly the famous Ganesha temple of God comes to rest in the center, whereas that is Ganesh Nagar. Therefore, the people there also want it to be named Ganesh Nagar.

According to old historians, the Holkar descendants kept their treasure hidden in a well located in this area. Due to which, gradually the name Khajrana came out of the treasury. However, some historians also believe that the Khajrana dargah located here gave the name of the area to Khajrana. However, how much truth is there in these claims of historians is difficult to say.


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