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Madhya Pradesh School Education Department has taken a major decision. School Education Department has abolished the provision of supplementary examination in the 10th and 12th board examinations in the state. Now the supplementary will not be written on the students’ marksheet.

Changing the rules, the School Education Department said that if a student comes to the supplementary then he will be given a second chance to take the exam. That is, the student will be able to give the paper again by depositing the examination fees of the same subject again. Earlier, there was a provision to give supplementary examination in one subject in the tenth and twelfth board examinations. Which has been finished now.

The special thing is that if a student fails in a subject, then the star will not be marked on his marksheet. Whereas now if there is a low number in more than one subject, he will get a chance to give the paper again. Only after three months of the main examination, students will get a chance to take another exam again. If it is passed then its marksheet will be made with the number of subjects.

Till now it was provided that the marks of supplementary examination were different on the marksheet. But now, after the provision of giving the exam twice, the exam which will score more marks will be recorded on the marksheet.


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