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Bhopal: Corona, a nurse at Bhopal’s JK Hospital, used to inject patients with normal injections and steal Remedisvir and sell her in black through her boyfriend.

When the Kolar police arrested a young man for the black marketing of the injection, the truth of this amazing love story came to light. Police said that Shalini, the girlfriend of Jhalakan Singh, resident of Girdhar Complex, Danish Kunj, is the nursing staff of JK Hospital. However, the accused nurse is still absconding.

The accused told during interrogation that his girlfriend used to inject the second normal injection to the patient instead of the injection remadecevir. She used to save him and give it to him. He used to sell these injections for 20 to 30 thousand rupees. The accused said that he has also sold the injection to the doctor Shubham Pateria of JK Hospital for Rs 13 thousand. Its payment was made online to him.

Sources say that Jhalakan had signed an injection deal with the family of a patient admitted to JK Hospital. There was a tussle over the price and in the meantime his patient died. An angry family informed the police officials about the black marketing of Remedesvir in a confidential manner.

After this, Jhalakan was being monitored. Immediately after being informed of the injection in his pocket, he was under siege and the police nabbed him.

The police have registered a case against the accused under sections 389, 269, 270 of Bhadvi and other sections. The other accused in the case, Shalini Verma, is being searched. In this case, DIG Irshad Wali said that strict steps are being taken to prevent black marketing of life-saving injections. There is a crackdown across the city for this. All such accused will be charged.


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