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  • Brazilian Adriana Diaz gave makeup tips-
  • Organizer Monika Sharma said that women can become self-reliant with their talent-

Bhopal: (TNA News Network) A one day International Makeup Master Class was organized at Manas Bhawan in the capital Bhopal on Sunday. Brazilian makeup artist Adriana Diaz was the chief guest at the event. In fact, for the first time, an international master class related to makeup has been given in Madhya Pradesh. Adriana Diaz, who reached Bhopal from Brazil, gave tips on bridal makeup to the participants.

Beauty industries growing towards self-reliant India:

The beauty industry is developing rapidly. During the Corona period, when everything was closed, then this industry has suffered a lot. But now in normal circumstances again this duplication has arisen. The organizer of the program, GBA director Monika Sharma told that people associated with beauty industries from different places of Madhya Pradesh participated in the master class in the program. International makeup artist Adriana gave makeup tips to the participants. He told that for the first time in the state, an international makeup artist has come here to give classes. Monica told that a bridal competition was conducted with the class. In which the beautician participated.

Women will be self-reliant with ‘Nari Shakti’ :

Monika Sharma organizes programs related to Beauty Industries. In which she also encourages women to become self-reliant by giving a platform to their hidden talents. Monica says that women are very strong-willed. She does any work in the best way. In such a situation, she tries to bring her talent in front of everyone by giving a platform to women under the Nari Shakti program. Monica says, women can become self-reliant by giving a good place to their talent.

Anchor Shreya tied the knot, the contestants stunned on Bollywood songs:

Anchor Shreya Sharma was hosting the program. He had a sore throat, but despite this, people were tied to the program due to his excellent anchoring and voice. Shreya has a different style of her own. Shreya made all the contestants dance on Bollywood and Punjabi songs in a different style. Guests, including the participants, were also seen dancing on the songs of Bollywood.


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