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Bhopal: On Sunday, the woman committed suicide by hanging herself in a bungalow in Shahpura of former minister Umang Singhar. The woman has been identified as Sonia Bhardwaj (39). She was a resident of Haryana. A suicide note has also been found from the purse. In it, the woman mentions Singhar’s name. Also, regretted that she could not be a part of his life. It is written in the suicide note- You are very fast in anger, can no longer bear it. The police have registered a case and started investigation. However, police say that no one has been held responsible for the suicide in the suicide note. Former Minister Umang Singhar said, I am surprised myself, why did he do this, she was my good friend.

According to Shahpura TI Mahendra Mishra, house no. 238 is the private house of former minister Umang Singhar. Sonia Bhardwaj was a resident of Baldev Nagar in Ambala, Haryana. The woman’s husband Sanjeev lives in Ambala. The woman has a 20-year-old son Aryan. The woman is said to have been living at Umang Singhar’s bungalow for 25 days. She had come twice before. Police said, the woman used to stay in the office on the bungalow. The servant Ganesh lived with his wife Gayatri at the bungalow. His wife used to clean the bungalow and give food to the woman. It is said that the former minister met Sonia in Delhi.

The woman went on Sunday morning, then the door was closed from inside. She told this to her husband. The information of the case was given to Umang Singhar. He sent acquaintances to the bungalow. When she saw the door open, the woman hung herself with a scarlet tied to the grill above the door. By the time she landed, she was dead.

Police were informed about this. According to ASP Rajesh Bhadauria, information has been given to the family of the deceased. There will be a postmortem of the body after his arrival. Action will be taken only after the report is received. According to the ASP, the suicide note found from the woman has written about the son Aryan. Also, Omar Singhar is also mentioned. It is written in it that it is no longer tolerable, anger is very strong. They do not give a clear answer to anything. The statements of the former minister will also be taken in the case. Handwriting of suicide note will also be checked. Police said, Sonia, referring to her son in a suicide note, wrote – I could not do anything for you. I am giving life I love you.

Here, former minister Umang Singhar said, I was in my assembly constituency for 3 days. Corona was serving patients. I got information today and I immediately came to Bhopal. I myself am shocked why he did this. She was a very good friend of mine.


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