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Story: Ankit Pachauri

Bhopal: (TNA News Network) In Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, youth are joining the glamorous world. The biggest reason for this is the increasing shooting of Bollywood films and webseries in Bhopal and surrounding districts. The youth of the state is trying on a large scale to make a career in acting with different fields.

On Saturday, a free workshop on fashion and lifestyle was given by Satyabha Academy and Arena Group in the capital Bhopal. The youth also participated enthusiastically in the workshop and learned the qualities related to fashion. Shefali Sharma, director of Satyabha Academy, while talking to TNA Bollywood, told that the youth of Madhya Pradesh who want to make a career in the field of acting, fashion. It is helping them to move forward by trending in a positive direction. Shefali told that competition has increased in the field of acting, in such a situation, an actor will have to prepare in every way. He said that we organize such workshops from time to time to nurture the talent of the youth.

Exploitation in the name of fashion show in Bhopal!

In Bhopal, the city of lakes, youth from other parts of the state also bring dreams of acting and fashion. Although experts believe that from Bhopal itself, their way to Mumbai can be opened. Taking advantage of this, some institutes charge huge amount from the participants for other things including gromming. Many times the girls who have entered the modeling field have also accused of exploitation. In this matter, Satyabha’s director Shefali says that there is a need to be careful with such people. He said that we are also making the newcomers in the field aware about this so that they too do not fall prey to such scams. Shefali said that hard work and effort leads to success. And the shortcuts are overwhelming. So the youth need to have hard work and patience in the field.

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