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Congress MLA Arif Masood, who was trapped in the case of inciting religious sentiments by demonstrating at Bhopal’s Iqbal Maidan, has got relief from the High Court. He was granted anticipatory bail from the High Court on Friday morning. His lawyer Ajay Gupta said that the High Court has issued orders. A copy of the order will also be received soon. The Talaiya police had registered a case of inciting religious sentiments against him. Six people have already been arrested in this case. Only Masood was arrested.

Masood had said that if he does not get bail, he will surrender in court. The High Court gave the time of hearing on 25 November. In view of this, Bhopal converted the Bhopal Court into a cantonment. For two days, the entire team of police was stationed here due to the possibilities of surrender.


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