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In Indore, 97-year-old grandmother Shantibai Dubey has returned home after defeating Corona. About 80% of his langs were infected. Yet the doctors and he did not give up. Due to strong will and better treatment, she returned home after being discharged from Ramnavami i.e. on Wednesday. It is special that Shantabai was born on Ram Navami in 1925. He got new life on the occasion of his birthday.

Shantabai Dubey (97), a resident of Ujjain, had an infection in langs increased by 80 percent due to a corona infection. He was admitted to Index Medical Hospital, Indore on 8 April. Here they were kept on oxygen. Shantabai Dubey defeated Corona on the basis of better treatment and mental strength.

Shantabai Dubey’s granddaughter Pooja Dixit told that on April 4, the blood pressure of the grandmother increased. He was hospitalized in Ujjain. On April 7, Kovid test was conducted if the situation did not improve. A city scan was done on the same day, and up to 80 percent infection in the lungs was detected. After this it was advised to take it from there to Indore.

The 101-year-old elderly was found infected. He was probably the oldest in the country who had been infected with Corona. The elderly stayed at home in lockdown. Despite how they got infected, it was not known. He was admitted to the hospital after complaining of stomach ache. Upon investigation, the report came back positive. The remaining 17 members of the family were quarantined at home. A few days later, the 101-year-old woman also beat Corona.

95 years old won the battle

Corona was defeated at this age by a 95-year-old elder. After 11 days of treatment, he is healthy and is now at home. Bahu Deepa, a grandson of Nehru Nagar, says, Pardadi’s second number son and my father-in-law had ribs on April 2, and took him to the hospital. An x-ray revealed phlegm in the lungs, and was asked to go to another hospital.


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