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New Delhi: (Agencies) The second wave of Corona in the country continues to wreak havoc. The number of new cases of infection has remained above three and a half lakhs per day for the last few days. As of late night data on Friday, a record 3.94 lakh new cases were reported across the country. The number of active cases in the country has crossed 32 lakhs and the total number of infected cases has crossed the figure of 1.91 crores.

By late night on Friday, 3,388 people were reported dead. The total figure of the dead has crossed 2.11 lakh. According to the ministry’s data up to eight o’clock on Friday morning, 3,498 patients died in 24 hours. At the national level, the rate of recovery has reached below 90 percent. More than 1.56 crore people have beaten Corona so far. Relief amidst this worsening situation is that the death rate in the country is 1.1 percent, which is much lower than many other countries.

Highest deaths in Maharashtra

According to late night data, out of 3,388 people killed on Friday, the maximum number of cases were 828 from Maharashtra, 375 from Delhi, 332 from Uttar Pradesh, 217 from Karnataka, 269 from Chhattisgarh, 173 from Gujarat and 155 from Rajasthan. Huh.

Most New Case States

State-new cases-total infected (in lakhs)

Maharashtra 62,919-46.02

Karnataka 48,296-15.23

Kerala 37,199-15.71

Uttar Pradesh 34,372-12.52

Delhi 27,047-11.49

Tamil Nadu 18,692-11.66

Bengal 17,411-8.28

Andhra Pradesh 17,354-11.01

Rajasthan 17,155-5.98

Bihar 15,853-4.70

Cases fall in Maharashtra, death toll rises

In Maharashtra, 62,919 new cases were reported on Friday. This is slightly lower than Thursday’s 66,159. However, the death toll was higher on Friday. On Friday, 818 deaths were reported, while on Thursday the number was 771. It is also a matter of relief for the state that the number of people recovering here was more than new cases. More than 69 thousand people recovered in the state on Friday. On Friday, 14,605 ​​new cases were reported in Gujarat. This is the highest number reported on any single day in the state.

More than 15.48 crores vaccinated so far

So far, more than 15.48 crore vaccines have been vaccinated under the ongoing vaccination campaign across the country. More than 26 lakh vaccines were administered in a day till 8 pm on Friday. According to official figures, a total of 15,48,54,096 vaccines have been administered so far. Of these, 94,10,892 health workers have been given the first dose and 62,40,077 personnel both have dosed. Similarly, the first dose has been given to the frontline 1,25,48,925 personnel and both the doses to 68,11,824 personnel have been given.


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