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118 people were cremated at just one Vishram Ghat in Bhopal, for the first time on Saturday, a record 118 dead bodies were brought to the funeral procession at Bhadbhada Vishramghat. There were 100 bodies of corona infected in them. 18 bodies were normal. Of the 100 dead bodies of the Corona infected, 66 were from Bhopal and 34 were from outside. But in the record of the government, only 5 deaths have been reported from Karona in Bhopal on Saturday.

In the Bhadbhada Vishramghat, only the dead bodies were cremated on Saturday under the Kovid protocol, as many deaths have been recorded in the official records in 15 days. While in this crematorium, the Forest Department is providing 2 to 3 trucks of wood every day. Apart from this, other social organizations are also giving 1 to 2 trucks of wood here.

As all the reserved places for the cremation were filled, Vishram Ghat President Arun Chaudhary and Secretary Mamatesh Sharma selected the Campus of Electrical Crematorium as the new temporary alternative place for cremation.

According to Arun Chaudhary, during the corona last year, only 10 to 12 dead bodies were found in a single day. After this, more than 12 dead bodies were brought after 20 to 22 March. But from April 10 till now, more than 50 dead bodies were brought every day. He said that on April 20, maximum 113 bodies were cremated, of which 94 were from Bhopal. But on Saturday, a record 118 bodies were brought. Of which 100 were cremated with the Kovid Protocol. 86 of these were from Bhopal and 34 other districts. Apart from this, 18 common dead bodies were cremated.

Arun Chaudhary said, as far as I remember this is the highest number of cremations in a single day so far in the history of Vishram Ghat. Earlier, 24 dead bodies were cremated in one day at the time of Bhopal gas scandal. According to Mamtesh Sharma, district administration especially Bhopal DFO Harishankar Mishra is arranging the wood. He informed that Collector Avinash Lavania and Municipal Corporation Commissioner Chaudhary also get information.


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