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Gwalior: The second wave of Corona has come like a tsunami in the country, patients are dying due to lack of oxygen, injections and necessary treatment. On Saturday, 44 patients broke the dam due to lack of oxygen in four cities of the country in 24 hours. The first incident happened in Gwalior. The chaos caused by the oxygen crisis that began in the government and private hospitals here on Friday night resulted in the death of 53 patients in the last 24 hours. Of these, about a dozen patients were normal. While 10 Kovid patients died one after another due to the depletion of oxygen in 7 hospitals.

The matter was disturbed on Friday night. Then oxygen was exhausted in the hospital’s largest hospital, Jairogya. In this 7 Kovid patients died. At the same time, 3 patients died due to lack of oxygen in a private hospital in Patankar square on Saturday. The second incident occurred at Jaipur Golden Hospital, Delhi. Here 25 patients died in 30 hours between Friday and Saturday. Dr. DK Baluja, Medical Director of the hospital said that the oxygen allotted to the hospital was supposed to reach by 5 pm on Friday evening, but it reached at midnight. By then 25 patients had died.

4 died due to lack of oxygen in Chhatarpur

Isolation, oxygen supply of ICU ward was stopped due to non delivery of jumbo cylinder in the district hospital at 9 am on Saturday. As many as 4 Karena patients admitted in both wards died due to supply being closed for about 5 hours. During this time the nursing staff saved the lives of some patients by installing oxygen concentrators and small cylinders.


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